Massimiliano Catizzone born in 1984 in Catanzaro and Umbrian adoption.
He studied at the hotel of Soverato, earning his diploma as a "technical service in restaurants" and specializing in "ice cream and pastries." To date it has gained considerable experience in restaurants ahead in Italy, where he specialized in preparing dishes of seafood, as well as in creating desserts.
His dedication to work led him to keeping up to date on the latest culinary trends. Has numerous publications in various professional journals. Often participates in various competitions.
He was recently the winner of gold medal in the 14 gastronomic competition of Matera. Since time is part of the FIC (Federation of Italian Chefs) and Urcu (Regional Union of Chefs Umbrians), which participates actively in community life and is responsible for the Young Chefs compartment. Concerned about the growth of young talents and their training.

For his commitment, his passion for regional cuisine and professionalism has been awarded the Green Cocorum. Furthermore, it is the backbone organization of the various culinary events.
Strong willed and determined as suggested by his zodiac sign (Taurus). Listen to rock and heavy metal. He enjoys football, tennis, horseback riding and, of course, cooking. He began experimenting in the kitchen since a kid needs a strong and honest communication and interprestazione of himself.
His creations have a deeper meaning and encapsulate the poetry of memories of his experience that everyone can share.

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